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Welcome to Life Personal Fitness Management!

Here you will find a community where you are supported to live a healthier life while crushing your dreams, running your business, raising your babies... because you deserve to look and feel your best while you concur the world!

Felicia and her husband, Joseph Pacheco, have helped women achieve their personal health and fitness goals for over 25 years combined. In order to help more women around the world, they have put their training experience into maintainable 4-week phases women can follow with guidance and trainer support!


They met at Equinox when they were both hired as personal trainers and are now married, with an 11-year-old daughter + another little girl on the way. They absolutely love everything to do with health, fitness, and self-love. Believing educating women about how to maintain a balanced healthy lifestyle is key to success so they can look and feel their best.

They specialize in strength and conditioning with multiple certifications as personal trainers and nutrition specialists, holding over 15 certifications together. The Fit Life Body programs are based on a combination of functional based strength and resistance training that is ever changing in 4-week phases. These phases are designed specifically to help create a strong foundation to continue to build on in each phase to avoid hitting a plateau! This has been successful for their clients over the years to help them achieved amazing strength and aesthetic results!

However, training is not the only part of a healthy lifestyle that needs attention, nutrition, and mindset are just as important to achieving and maintaining results. This is where you can add a Fit Life Body Nutrition programs as well as goal setting added within the guides to help women improve in all aspects of their healthy lifestyle journey. 

They have created this online platform to help more client all over the world achieve all of their health and fitness goals. They are here to help you nourish, strengthen and love your body so you can live a healthy, happy and balanced life.

"We are inspired every day by the motivation and dedication clients have to better themselves and watching them grow. We love motivating women to be as happy, healthy, fit, strong and confident as possible. We know how to make them look and feel amazing from the inside out."

Nutrition Specialist | Certified Trainer | Lifestyle Enthusiast | Mother


Distinguished Private Trainer | Motivator | Innovator | NPC Competitor